Help Protect Your Eye Health*

Ocuvite, a family of eye vitamins & mineral supplements from the eye care experts at Bausch + Lomb. Ocuvite products are uniquely formulated to help replenish vital eye nutrients your eyes can lose as you age.*

  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Omega-3

Nutrients in Ocuvite Adult 50+

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  • Ocuvite Provides What Your Multivitamin May Be Missing

    Check the label. You may be surprised at what's missing. Most multivitamins contain little or none of these important nutrients for eye health.8

    Ocuvite Adult 50+ is packed with vital eye nutrients lacking in leading multivitamins.

    • Lutein
    • Zeaxanthin
    • Omega-3

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    • What are the benefits of taking Ocuvite?>
      Ocuvite offers a range of products to help supplement your diet to provide vital nutrients that help protect your eye health.*
    • Do I need to be 50 or older to take Ocuvite?>
      No! While the need to replenish vital eye nutrients may increase with age, Ocuvite is appropriate for adults of all ages who want to do more to help protect their eye health.*
    • Can I take Ocuvite Adult 50+ with my multivitamin?>
      Yes. Ocuvite Adult 50+ provides essential eye nutrients not found in most leading multivitamins and may be appropriate for most adults already taking a daily multivitamin. If you have questions, ask your doctor.
    • Does Ocuvite make a multivitamin formula?>
      Yes. Ocuvite Eye + Multi is a multivitamin formula supporting overall health and wellness while providing the eye health benefits of Lutein and Zeaxanthin.*
    • What are DHA and EPA?>
      DHA and EPA are essential fatty acids that play an important role in eye health.2,9 Be sure the Omega-3s in any supplement you take for eye health contain a high concentration of DHA and EPA. Ocuvite Adult 50+ provides 250 mg combined EPA and DHA in one daily soft gel.
    • What is the source of fish oil (omega 3s) in Ocuvite Adult 50+?>
      The Omega-3s in Ocuvite Adult 50+ come from highly concentrated, refined and purified fish oils (anchovy, sardine). As a leading global eye health company and pharmaceutical manufacturer, Bausch + Lomb adheres to a rigorous quality assurance process for our eye vitamin and mineral supplements.
    • Does Ocuvite contain beta-carotene?>
      Ocuvite Adult 50+, Ocuvite Lutein & Zeaxanthin, and Ocuvite Healthy Tears formulas do not contain beta-carotene and are appropriate for people, such as smokers, who have been told they should avoid beta-carotene. Ocuvite Lutein and Ocuvite Eye + Multi contain 1,000 IU Vitamin A (provided as beta-carotene) per serving.
    • Does Ocuvite contain gluten?>
      We do not directly add gluten to our products, but we cannot guarantee that all our raw materials are gluten-free.
    • Where can I buy Ocuvite?>
      Ocuvite is available at drug stores, mass merchandisers (like Walmart), grocery stores and warehouse clubs nationwide. Look for Ocuvite in the vitamin aisle.
    • Are there ways to save on Ocuvite?>
      Coupons are available in many Sunday newspapers throughout the year. You can also print a $5 coupon here.
    • What else can I do to take care of my eyes?>

      Bausch + Lomb encourages everyone to:

      • Get an annual eye exam
      • Eat an eye healthy, well-balanced diet rich in salmon, tuna, dark leafy greens, colored vegetables and fruits
      • Wear sunglasses with UV protection
      • Avoid smoking

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    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.