Help Protect Your Eye Health

As you age and lose essential eye nutrients, your eyes’ natural protective filter may weaken and allow more stressors to get through. Replenish your eyes with the key nutrients and antioxidants in Ocuvite to help protect your eye health*.

See How the Nutrients in Ocuvite Help Protect Your Eye Health

The Vital Parts of Your Eye

Four vital components of your eyes need the most protection. Ocuvite replenishes the nutrients that help protect these key areas to support your eye health*.

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The thin tissue that lines the back of your eye and processes light into the images you're seeing. A healthy retina is key to your vision. Damage to the retina can lead to floaters, blind spots, double vision and more.


Along with your cornea, it refracts light and helps focus images on your retina. By changing its shape, the lens helps you focus close up or see things that are far away.


Located at the center of the retina, the eye’s natural protective filter (the macula) is also responsible for central vision and most of what we see. It contains two important carotenoids (antioxidants) in high concentration, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, that help eyes shield and filter blue light. The depletion of these key nutrients with age can allow more stressors to get through and weaken the macula.

Optic Nerve

Connects your retina to your brain. Cells in the retina convert incoming light into electrical signals which your optic nerve carries to the brain where they’re read as visual images.

Jeffry Gerson, O.D, F.A.A.O.

The Doctor is In

  • Q: How do eye vitamins "work" in the eye?
  • Dr. Gerson: Lutein and zeaxanthin are important carotenoids that act like "internal sunglasses" to help protect your eyes from the inside. They are present in high concentration in the macula (part of the retina in the back of the eye), which helps filter high-energy blue light. These nutrients can become depleted over time as you age. Eye vitamins also work as antioxidants to help prevent oxidation which can damage cells.
  • You can't totally prevent your eyes from aging, but nutrition and/or supplements can go a long way to help counteract the aging process.
  • Q: Who should take eye vitamins and why?
  • Dr. Gerson: Taking an eye vitamin supplement can help provide the necessary ingredients eyes need in ONE product. This can be beneficial if you have:
  • Known risks of eye health (family history)

    Lifestyle habits such as digital device use

    General health conditions (obesity, poor diet, diabetes)

    Concern about eye disease, ocular nutrition or visual performance (eye strain, contrast sensitivity, shape discrimination)

  • Q: What risks do adults age 50 and over face with their eye health?
  • Dr. Gerson: You may not realize that as your body ages, so do your eyes.
  • As you age, your eyes lose key nutrients, leaving your eyes more vulnerable to daily stressors which may lead to eye health issues. Over time, you also may eat less of the vital nutrients your eyes need, which can double the negative effect!
  • Q: Which eyes stressors should people be most concerned about and why?
  • Dr. Gerson: Oxidation— Just like when a cut apple is left out and starts to turn brown, oxidation can have a similar effect on the body's cells, causing cellular damage which can contribute to aging over time. Antioxidants (like Vitamin C and E) can counteract this process to help support eye health.
  • Blue light Although you get blue light from sunshine, your eyes are exposed to more blue-light producing sources (bulbs and screens) than ever before. You can protect yourself with special glasses and proper nutrition. Foods or supplements with lutein and zeaxanthin can help here.
  • Poor diet If you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, your eyes may not be getting the nutrients they need.
  • Smoking Beyond just lung cancer, smoking has other ill effects including on eyesight.
  • Q: What are the benefits of Vitamin D for eye health?
  • Dr. Gerson: Eyes lose key nutrients as they age, which can leave them vulnerable to environmental and other daily stressors and lead to eye health issues.
  • Ocuvite 50+, enhanced with Vitamin D, helps ensure eyes are provided with a key antioxidant ingredient to help counteract these stressors.
Learn more about the new Ocuvite 50+ with Vitamin D.

An annual eye exam is critically important

Even if you think your vision is fine, make an annual appointment with your eye doctor. Your eye doctor can suggest healthy ways to help protect your eye health.